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“Make the Supreme Dalek levitate over the heads of a stadium audience without using camera tricks, steel wires, or a giant crane! Oh, and the audience can’t see how it’s done; we need this to be the WOW moment of the show!”

That was the request from the BBC for the final, epic onstage battle of Dr Who Live - The Monsters are Coming on a nine city, 25-date stadium tour. We delivered that WOW moment! The Supreme Dalek levitated more than 35 metres high into the air to the gasps of a shocked audience.

Everything had to be bespoke; the flying system, the white Supreme Dalek and various stadium illusions for cast members and the Cybermen. We also made a number of hand-held props for the tour.

“Stunning appearance.... one Dalek thrillingly takes to the air!”
The Mail

“And then, just when you thought it couldn’t get more exciting, a Dalek flew above the heads of the audience. The younger contingent was beside itself. So were we.”
The Express

“Daleks? One of them, even, yes, elevates – magically – for the whizz-bang denouement!”
The Telegraph

“They can fly.... A Dalek-table night out.”
The News of the World
The Daleks were created by Terry Nation and are copyright of the British Broadcasting Corporation/Terry Nation


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